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Wandering Primary School has a friendly energy. The caring and nurturing school community supports the students to discover, learn and grow. Our school is placed in a natural bushland setting that the community, school and students cherish and embrace.


The school is the strong, resilient heart of the wider community. The green hills of bushland area circle the school as the wider community surrounds and supports the school, enabling it to stay strong.


From this strong base of community and school support, students thrive and flourish as they prepare for their journey through life.


Our school colours represent all that we stand for. The dark blue represents strength, stability and professionalism.  The bright green represents the vibrancy and positive energy that flows in and around the school from the community and environment.  The grey represents quiet confidence and reliability of the school. The teal green represents the students that are engaged and inspired to learn.


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December 3, 2021

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